How it Works:

​Important Info: 

  • The Studio is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by appointment only
  • We are only able to accommodate customers who purchased at Vera's House of Bridals 
  • We ask that you bring at most one guest with you to your appointments 
  • Remember to bring your dress, shoes, bra, and any special undergarments to each appointment!
  • Plan to pay at least 50% of your alterations at the first fitting
  • Payment can be made in cash and checks (we do not accept credit cards), however checks may not be used on the day your gown is taken home

1. Decide a timeline

We suggest you begin alterations 2-3 months before the event, but many customers start much sooner than that! Plan for at least 2 fittings, 4 weeks apart. 

2. Request an appointment

Use our scheduler on the Contact  page to set up your appointments. ​​

Please note:  The scheduler will automatically place your 2nd  appointment on the same time and day of the week as your 1st fitting, 4 weeks later. 

​(If this 2nd appointment does not work for you, please email us at

3. Find shoes /undergarments for event

You will need to bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear to the event, as they will affect the fit of your gown! We do sell bra cups if you would like them sewn into your gown. 

4. Attend your appointments

Be sure to bring your gown to your 1st appointment! We will store it for the 4 weeks between your appointments, but please plan to pick up your dress once alterations are finished. If you plan to pick up your gown from Vera's right before your appointment at the Studio, please be sure to give yourself 30-45 minutes, as they may want you to try the gown on.