The Bridal Sewing Studio is open


on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

Remember to bring your dress, shoes, bra and any special undergarments to all fittings.

About Us...

How it Works...

Your gown will be completed right away, within about one month of your first fitting.  

First, you will need to determine which month you would like to do your fittings. Keep in mind, we have your gown for only a short time, about 4 weeks, as we have no room for storage.  We suggest you do your sewing as soon as possible and don't wait. It's a wonderful feeling to have your dress completed and ready for your big day!

Second, call as soon as possible to reserve your appointment times as space is limited.

(Note: In the summer, we get very busy and may not be able to help you.) 

Third, purchase your shoes and undergarments. You will need to bring the bra, shoes, and undergarments you plan to wear to all your fitting appointments. 

Note: different styles of bras can affect the fit of your gown so it is important to bring the one you plan to wear. We sell bra cups if you prefer to have cups sewn inside of your gown.

Please plan to pick up your gown once it is completed as we don't have much storage space. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we cannot store your gown. 


You will have your own personal seamstress that will assist you at your fittings.

Seamstresses are happy to discuss all alterations and give FREE estimates.

The Bridal Sewing Studio offers the services

of highly trained professional seamstresses.

All seamstresses have experience working with delicate bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns and formal attire.

Cash and checks are accepted; however, checks may not be used on the day of your dress take out.

Credit cards are not accepted at any time.

What we are...

The Bridal Sewing Studio is a co-op that connects Vera's brides with independent seamstresses who specialize in bridal alterations. 

The Bridal Studio can only accept gowns  purchased

from Vera's Bridals.

(Vera's brides keep the studio very busy

which leaves no time for other requests.)